You’re Not Always Entitled to Your Beliefs!

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
Harlan Ellison

Welcome to 2016 CE! Those of you who are still living in 1405 BCE, you’d better wake up! We’re gone from the era where we must always respect your beliefs. Right now, in the era of social media and all, your beliefs will be exposed to the whole world and the whole world will criticize those beliefs. Whatever belief you have, be it cultural, religious, political or economical, will be criticized sharply and if found to be short on sense, it shall trashed and ridiculed. For those of you who are new to this blog, this is what this blog is for. This is not Linda Ikeji where we gossip about celebrity and entertain ourselves. This is where we pull down bullshit in all its forms, sizes, and shapes.


Welcome to the age of reason when just holding a belief or an opinion doesn’t qualify you for an entitlement. You will also need to make sense before your view will be respected. There was a time when an opinion could be forced on everybody else. That was the era of the empires and draconian rule. Anybody who had a dissenting opinion was killed. Now we’ve been empowered to criticize any opinion and view. That your narrative is shared by the majority or even propagated by a celebrity doesn’t make it right. If it doesn’t make sense, the ‘Nonsensical’ logo will be stamped on it. Gbam! Deriving authority from a book or position no longer counts.

You're not always entitled to your opinion! You can be shut up if you're not making any sense.

You’re not always entitled to your opinion! You can be shut up if you’re not making any sense.

Some people have the natural capacity to believe nonsense, i.e., accommodate nonsense in their brains. Some of us are just allergic to it. Others might not believe it but they can tolerate it being believed by others. Once again, some of us just can’t. We just can’t help it. We react as soon as we sight it. So beware! When next you want to vomit nonsense or write crap on social media, remember that some folks might just be hanging around the corner, more than ready to tear you into shreds!

Sorry. You are NOT always entitled to your opinion! I think that should sink into the skull of everybody that always takes refuge in the so-called fundamental human right of expression. There are situations when you will not be allowed to express your opinion. Two of such situations stand out.

One, when you’re spreading obvious falsehood, you shall NOT be entitled to your opinion. When you make a claim that you can’t provide evidence for and you expect us to take your claim as truth, you shall NOT be entitled to your opinion. We will shut you up and not just simply ignore you.

If you claim that you do miracles but we can’t find the evidence for your miracles, we shall expose you straightaway. If you call yourself the oracle of the creator of the universe and you can’t tell us about Chibok girls or some other serious things about the nation but all you can do is give ‘prophecies’ like ‘there’s someone here tonight, before tomorrow, the whole world will marvel at your laughter’, we won’t waste time to write articles about your stupidity!

If you love conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, we will shut you up. If you believe in UFO’s, deny evolution and global warming, and claim that vaccines are dangerous, we will disgrace you. If you are misogynistic, homophobic, or tribalistic, we will straighten you intellectually.

If you don’t know how to keep your privacy to yourself and you will evangelize or proselytize in places and forums where you shouldn’t, we will teach you the basics of religious tolerance and sanity. Any nonsense can’t stand in our way. We pull it down!

Two, when your opinion is illegal/forbidden, you shall NOT be entitled to your opinion. You can not spew statements of hate and bigotry and claim that you’re entitled to your opinion. If you proclaim that children are witches and claim that you’re entitled to your opinion, we will tell you that you’re wrong.

Yes. We’re the truth Nazi’s, the sanity Nazi’s! If we left the world to people like you, insanity would reign supreme and the extinction of the human race would be a few million years earlier. But we won’t let thay happen. We will moderate your malignant views and clip your wings. We don’t use guns, machetes, bombs, or whatever kind of weapon. We use our pens infused with plenty of logic, reasoning, and critical thinking. We work with proofs and use proofs to pull down any nonsensical claims that aren’t backed up by proofs.

If you make sense, we will support you. If you say things that will move humanity forward, we will join you. It’s a battle that has lasted since forever and it won’t end now. But the truth always prevails. That humanity has always moved forward is the testimony to the fact that bullshit always loses to truth, and that insanity always loses to sanity. So we’re convinced we’re on the right path. We’re on the winning side of the battle.

Peter Keyz calls on you to join the winning side. Just like a Deeper Lifer admonishes you to start a holy life for Christ, like a Jehovah Witness calls you to join the the list of those who will inherit the earth, like a Muslim encourages you to believe in Allah the only true God, like a bank marketer tantalizes you to open an account in her bank, so I am today pleading with you to join the common sense train. And common sense will bless you richly. Amen. 

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