[VIDEO] TB Joshua Finally Explains the Error in His American Election Prophecy

This is to update you on the saga of TB Joshua’s prophecy concerning the American election. The story has taken another turn in the last few days. He has finally explained it. He said his prophecy would’ve come to pass, i.e., Hilary Clinton would’ve won, if not for the millions of people worldwide who prayed to God to avert what God had told him earlier. God must be a confused person right now! TB Joshua said his prophecy was God’s warning to Americans to avert the danger of Hilary winning the election. Therefore he still maintains that he’s an accurate prophet.

Well, I don’t have any problem with him. Rather I have problems with those adults in the congregation that clapped for the nonsense. I doubt whether humans can be stupider than this. This is the greatest and the stupidest fraud of this generation. Watch the video below

Remember my article on the comical things his followers said in defence of their fake prophet concerning this same prophecy error? Now he himself has picked one of the defences provided by his followers. Click here to read the article. I also ask myself whether the fact that this large population of minions exist in the world today is good for mankind. How can we progress as the human race when so many people are this dumb?

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