[VIDEO] Pastor Adeboye Says ‘Don’t Marry any Girl that Can’t Pray for 1 Hour or Cook’

Are you looking for a wife? Have you been asking yourself how to identify the right lady to spend the rest of your life with? Then relax as God has used his servant, Pastor E. A. Adeboye to provide the instructions. In this video, Daddy. G. O. says if a girl can’t pray for 1 hour non-stop, don’t marry her. And if she can’t cook, don’t marry her.

In just a minute, this popular man of God has summarized a woman’s life. She must be in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether she’s matured, sociable, enterprising, knowledgeable, good-looking, brilliant, diligent, or a visionary. She must be able to talk to herself (sorry God) for 1 hour. Not 30 minutes. Not 59 minutes. But 1 hour. Wow! And she must be able to cook. I lack words to express how I feel about this nonsense. I can confidently tell you that 99.9% of sane Nigerian ladies have been disqualified by this cut-off. Sorry, fine girl. If you will have a husband in your life, you need to increase your praying time and then register in a cooking school if you don’t know how to cook. Praying and cooking ti take over, ok? 

I’m trying to picture in my brain a girl that can close her eyes without sleeping for 1 hour. No thinking about a project or her boyfriend. Not Facebooking or pinging. Not reading. Not playing Candy Crush. Not watching a movie or listening to music. Just lock up in a room all by herself with her eyes closed muttering words under her breath (or even screaming aloud depending on how crazy she is). No. She can’t be sane. Trust me!

But of all the attributes a guy should look for in a lady, why should ‘praying for 1 hour’ and ‘cooking’ come up, ehn? Abeg, who praying for 1 hour don epp? Should you marry a girl that can’t do anything but just lock herself up in a room talking to ghosts?

Can Buhari’s, Otedola’s, or Dangote’s daughter or Kemi Adeosun’s niece pray for 1 hour or cook? So if you have the option of marrying any of these, you would throw her away and go for a scarf-tying, ‘kasko’ ascetic female usher in a Redeemed parish in Okokomaiko? I need someone to help me out here please!

Anyway, this is for those of you who think that everything your pastor says makes sense. All of you who wake up in the morning and read the stories that toursh written by this kind of person in the name of devotional, you see your life outside now? This is why I said in one of my previous articles that Nigerians would  be smarter without their pastors (click here to read it). I consider it that something must be wrong with you if you listen to every word of these pastors. And once again, a country where folks like these pastors are the most eminent personalities can not rise about retrogressive mentality. We should just forget about any social or scientific development for now. Fact.

The video is below for you to see:

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