[VIDEO] Man Raises Moral Questions About Islam and The Prophet

The holy books of Islam (Quran and the Hadiths) clearly condemn adultery called zina in Islam. In fact, the Sharia law, the Islamic spiritual legal code, prescribes that adulterers should be stoned to death. The books also portray Prophet Muhammad as someone who lived an exemplary holy life, one upon which Islam, the religion of peace and discipline, could be built.

However some people have different views of Islam and its foremost prophet. They feel Islam isn’t wholesome enough for use as a code for morality. They feel the Islamic books contain so much immorality and negative ethical instructions that they should simply be trashed.

The man in the video below has an interesting view. In his view, Prophet Muhammad himself was guilty of adultery and he should not have been called a prophet. He explained that he was not out to shame the religion and its adherents but that he just wanted to point out something that they might never have noticed. He backed up his allegations of adultery against the prophet with evidence from the Islamic holy books themselves.

Can he be saying the truth? Did Prophet Muhammad actually commit adultery? Did Allah spare Muhammad from any form of punishment? I’ve actually read a few attempts at proving this man wrong but I wasn’t impressed. Muslims in the house, what do you say to this man? How do you prove him wrong? This is a challenge to any Muslim who knows his Islam very well.

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