Are You Ready to Die Today?

Yes, I am ready. No, you are not. I know you’re not ready to die today. How did I know? Because I know you love life. You’re enjoying life already and you don’t want it to stop. Or you’re finding life difficult but you still keep hopes alive that things will change for the better for you tomorow. Better still, you actually wouldn’t mind dying today only if you had completed some tasks you consider life achievements — graduate, get married, live long enough to bury your parents, clinch that travel visa, complete your building project, get delivered of your baby, reconcile with that loved one you wronged sometime ago, etc.

However there are folks who believe strongly that they can’t die today. They’re serving the most powerful God who can bind the powers of death. In fact, they hold the keys of life and death and they can determine when they will eventually go. They’ve been promised long life and prosperity. No, they can’t die now. And no, they can’t make the ‘negative confession’ I made toward myself above.

Meanwhile they work in insurance companies and they convince their fellow believers to do life insurance. I even know a pastor that encourages his fellow pastors to pick up a life insurance plan. Hypocrisy or self-deception is what you call it when someone says one thing from one side of the mouth and another thing from the other side. Pastor Bimbo Odukoya and Rev. Myles Munroe died in ghastly air crashes. They’re not any less sensitive in the spirit than you neither are you holier than them. These things happen to let you know that anything can happen to anybody anytime. Our lives are that useless. I know you don’t want to hear this but my sincere advice is that you should just stop deceiving yourself.

That’s why I know I can die today. I can even die as I’m typing this. It doesn’t mean anything. It means I’m simply part of the statistics for today. If I die today, I end up on the spreadsheet of the governemt agency calculating death rate and life expectancy among Nigerians. My family and friends will cry for a few days and move on thereafter. My hospital won’t even close down for a day because of me. At most, some doctors will gather themselves in one corner and maintain one-minute silence for me. Even in that one minute, the minds of some of them will wander to the Whatsapp message they’re supposed to check immediately after the one-minute silence or their car that’s with the mechanic.

So why I’m saying all these terrible things? It’s because you should be ready to die today. Instead of deceiving yourself that you’re higher than death or what’s not, you had better prepare. The problem is that there’s no time you will be ready if you don’t decide to be ready.

How to prepare? Think of something you want to be remembered for. The popular saying goes ‘Live everyday of your life like it’s your last.’ Forgive everybody that you want to forgive today. Don’t wait till you’re on your deathbed. You might not have one. The pregnant woman that drowned in the Lagos lagoon few weeks ago didn’t have a deathbed, did she?

Help someone today. Treat your family and friends right today. Put a smile on someone’s face today. Be the solution to someone’s problem today. Be patriotic today. Contribute your quota to the development of your country today. Enjoy yourself and treat yourself right today. Don’t procrastinate anything: do everything there’s to be done today. Do all these and you will be prepared to die today. If you do all these daily, you will be like me and be able to say, ‘Yes! I’m ready to die today!’

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