Should Pastors Own Private Jets?

No. Pastors shouldn’t own private jets. But it’s only people who can think properly that will give the answer I’ve just given. Those who have been brainwashed can’t think so. They will use the last drop of their blood to defend their pastor’s right to own private jets. If you say anything contrary, they will curse you, threaten you, and throw epileptic fits. Some of them attempt to produce some arguments which I will try to counter in this write-up.

For me and for any right thinking person, pastors that own private jets are fraudsters. But it’s a kind of special fraud because unlike any other kind of fraud where the defrauded is angry at the fraud, here the defrauded even springs into defence of the fraud. God is such a very powerful name: you can defraud people in that name and the same people will still be asking you to defraud them more.

Oyedepo leads the host of Nigerian pastorpreneurs who own private jets and derive staunch support for their luxurious lifestyles from their penniless followers.

Oyedepo leads the host of Nigerian pastorpreneurs who own private jets and derive staunch support for their luxurious lifestyles from their penniless followers.

Briefly, let’s run through the list of the arguments some people put forward in support of their pastors’ private jets.

1. Other rich men have private jets too

The argument goes thus:

‘If Dangote and other private people own private jets, our pastors too can own private jets.’

No. Your pastor is not Dangote. Dangote doesn’t live on people’s donations. He has a right to buy anything even more than a private jet. He works for his money. He doesn’t ask people to donate money to him like your pastor. He doesn’t scare people with ancient literature so that they can drop money. So you can’t compare them.

And if you want us to recognize your pastors as entrepreneurs, let’s know. They go around saying they’re servants of Jesus and are concerned about the spiritual welfare of people. They don’t call themselves business CEO’s. So why should they live like business CEO’s? Dangote can buy anything he likes. He owns a private profit-making organization. Your pastors can only own jets if they were similarly running privately owned profit-making organizations. But as long as they register their churches as non-profits, they just can’t buy private jets off their members. Anything else is pure corruption. They register as charity organizations. That’s why they’re exempted from paying tax. A charity organization that overlooks poor people but procures a jet for its CEO is a fraud and a destruction of the meaning of the word ‘charity’. Charity organizations are supposed to be financially answerable to the government. That they are not is an anomaly that we should all join hands together to stamp out.

What do church members have in return? Spiritual blessings. Why can’t the pastors ride spiritual jets too? They collect physical money and ride physical private jets while the church members have spiritual blessings. Why not the other way round? Why not the pastors collecting spiritual money and riding spiritual jets while the church members have physical blessings?

2. The private jets may be gifts

The argument goes thus:

‘The private jets may not have been bought with the poor people’s donations. One single church member could’ve just donated a jet.’

No. It still doesn’t justify the private jets. If the pastor is serious with people’s welfare, he can actually ask the rich church member to donate towards providing employment for the poor church members instead of giving him a jet. And any pastor that collects private jets from someone without finding out where they got the money from is surely a fantastically corrupt pastor.

3. People who represent God must live in luxury

The argument goes thus:

‘They deserve the best things in life because they represent God on earth. If God is using them for great things, then they deserve the best of things.’

No. They don’t deserve the best things in life. They’ve not earned it. They’ve not solved any problems. All they’ve done is reducing suicide rates by psyching people up every week. And stand-up comedians would do a better job! And all they’ve done is tell people to forget about the politicians and face God. But God hasn’t taken care of the people. So it’s all false advertisement. You shouldn’t own private jets if all you do is make false advertisements. I already said that in one of my previous articles (click here to read it). When people say God is using these pastors to do things in Nigeria, I ask them to give me an example of one of such things. What has God used them to do in Nigeria? To solve our security challenges or increase the value of Naira or our health indices? They tell me it’s spiritual blessings. Spiritual blessings for what?

And if they represent God on earth, what did Jesus do? Jesus didn’t represent God. He was God himself, so they say. Did he live in luxury? Did he collect tithes? Did Jesus ask poor people to bring 10% of their incomes to him? This is for you who say tithing is biblical. All these jet-riding pastors always scare people to pay tithes but they also claim to follow Jesus when Jesus didn’t collect tithes from people like they do. It’s all fraud!

There were rich people back then that had asses and donkeys as means of transportation. Jesus rode on an ass only once for a symbolic purpose. He was the Lord of lord’s and King of kings, wasn’t he? How many horses and donkeys did he have? How many ships or boats did he have? Jesus said greater things than he did his servants would do. His servants haven’t done any miracles like he did. When ebola virus came, they ran away. They’ve not gone to do crusade at Sambisa forest to end Boko Haram. All their miracle claims are fake (I’ll still put up a write-up on that). They’ve performed far less than Jesus on the miracle scale. The only greater things they’ve done is moving higher up, far higher than Jesus, on the luxury scale. Isn’t that fraud?

And you know what? That luxury of owning private jets puts a very serious strain on the economy. Expatriates are paid to fly and maintain these jets for the owners. According to this report here, all of that sums up to an average of $550,000 per annum per private jet owned in Nigeria. That’s the amount of forex we’re losing as a country just because some people choose to own private jets. And your pastors are part of that decadence. Your tithes and offerings go into this thing, crippling our economy the more, but you’re here talking. Are you thinking at all?

A modern day slave is someone who thinks he’ll keep inconveniencing himself even in his dire state of poverty to keep sustaining the luxurious life of another person. If you still drop your money for a pastor that rides a private jet and worse still, you defend his owning a private jet, you’re a modern day slave. In case you don’t know better things to use your money for, click here and here to read what you should use your money for instead.

4. Pastors need to fly around the world

The argument goes thus:

‘Our pastors need to attend a crusade in Canada and on the same day hold a meeting in Singapore. Private jets make their global work of ministry easier.’

Even Adeboye himself justified his owning a private jet. In 2013, an Aljazeera reporter quizzed him about his private jet and his answer will shock you. Watch it in the video below:

No. They don’t need to fly all over the place. Why should flying all over the world be part of their work description? Does their flying all over the world solve any international crisis or lead us to any discovery of any lasting solution to any of the problems facing humanity? Who flying all over the world don epp? Nobody.

Paul the Apostle successfully planted churches in so many places. He traveled long distances several times to plant these churches and administer them. He didn’t have his a private ship like the rich people of his time. Shouldn’t a private ship make his journeys easier?

The Catholic Pope is twenty times bigger in influence and global reach than Adeboye and Oyedepo put together. The Pope is the head of the biggest religious organization the world over. Do you know how big the Catholic Church is? The Pope addresses UN summits. Can Adeboye even get that much recognition? The Pope is recognized as a head of government and there’s even a Nigerian ambassador to the Vatican. Yet the Pope does not have private jets. The Vatican doesn’t maintain one for him. He flies Alitalia, a commercial airline, for his journeys. Is Adeboye or Suleman busier than the Pope?

The Catholic Pope flies a commercial airline for his global engagements. He doesn't own a private jet.

The Catholic Pope flies a commercial airline for his global engagements. He doesn’t own a private jet.

Let’s go to the politicians. There are no private jets dedicated to the office of the British Prime Minister or the Queen. They have some aircraft that can do short journeys but when they’re embarking on long journeys, they fly commercial and as at late 2015, the argument about whether David Cameron should own a private jet or not was still ongoing. I’m sure David Cameron has more global engagements to attend than Adeboye and Oyedepo. So how do they keep up with their engagements without owning private jets?

David Cameron flies a commercial airplane. He doesn't own a private jet

David Cameron flies a commercial airplane. He doesn’t own a private jet.

Apart from the president, how many Nigerian politicians have private jets? You think your pastor should own a private jet?If all of your politicians — ministers, senators, legislators, etc — have a private jet each bought with our money, you would scream ‘Corruption!’ but if you pastor spends your tithes and offerings on private jets, it’s not corruption? You see your life now? How do politicians who don’t own private jets keep up with engagements all over the world?

It’s not as if I believe that every biblical story about Jesus or Paul is true. However pastors can simply practise what they preach and if they don’t, we should call them out. See. I know you’ve been brainwashed. You can’t think straight anymore. That’s why some of us are here to do what I call percussive maintenance on your brain like I said the other time.

Should pastors own private jets? No, they shouldn’t! They’re human beings too. They also want to live with some swagger and swagu. Their selfish and materialistic tendencies also push them into these things. You simply need to realize that and stop defending them. There’s no sound argument for the luxurious lifestlye of these pastors. None!

Thanks for your time.

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