Pastor Suleman’s Private Jet: Please, Allow Us To Criticize Your Pastors

My article titled 10 Fantastically Corrupt Pastors and Church Members (click here to read it) went viral on the Internet, and instead of you people to thank me, you started raining curses on me. Why? Because I decided to criticize your pastors. Hundreds of comments from angry believers poured in on this page, on my Facebook page, and even in my inbox. Some people threatened to locate me and kill me. They cursed me in the name of their god, their pastor, and the Bible. You just don’t want anybody to criticize your pastors. But if you were smart and had not been hypnotized by these fraudsters, you should’ve been thanking me instead of cursing me.

But last week, a few things happened. The federal government of Nigeria increased the pump price of petrol and now some of you can’t afford to buy petrol anymore. Some of you can’t pay transport fares for your movements anymore. But that same last week, the news broke that one of your pastors joined his colleagues in the group of private jet owners. While you were wailing that you could no longer buy petrol for your generators, another pastor landed his private jet. But you were busy cursing the person that was bold enough to criticize your pastors. And you think you’re sane at all?

criticize your pastors

Apostle Suleman’s private jet was announced when most Nigerians could no longer find it easy to buy fuel at the new price

In case you don’t know who the fraudster is, let me do a brief introduction. Apostle Suleman Johnson is the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministry whose headquarter is domiciled in Edo State, Nigeria. He’s popular for rolling out assumptions and nonsensical permutations in the name of prophecies. But because you can’t think straight, you clap for him and drop some money. He claims to perform miracles but click here to see one of the so-called miracles that he performs. It’s clear to any thinking person that this guy doesn’t do any miracles. Yet you believe him and even further drop money in his offering basket. He was the same one that cursed a serving governor in Nigeria (click here to see the video). He declared the governor dead but the governor is still very much alive. Yet, you still dropped some more money. Now all your money has yielded a good fruit — your pastor has now bought his own private jet too. Congrats!

criticize your pastors

Apostle Suleman predicted that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would win the 2015 general elections. Picture courtesy

Two months ago, he said this:

Having a private jet for evangelism is good as it enhances movement but that is not part of the ministerial agenda at the moment. As the Lord holds the future, if He wants a private jet for me, it will come.”

Two months later, the Lord brought the jet for him but courtesy of your own hard-earned money. The mugus exist because of the sharp guys. You see your life now?

And that happened when you still can’t pay your transport fares around in your movements because of the new fuel price. You need to be flogged in your head. Note that the price of that private jet can actually set up businesses for so many of the unemployed youths in his church. Just as I said in one of my previous articles, why should they be claiming to follow Jesus? After giving everything to the poor, what did Jesus have left? But the same mugus that have paid for this private jet are the same ones cursing me on my page. You need to be knocked on your head so that some sense can return in there!

And talking about knocking some sense into your head, ever heard of percussive maintenance? When an appliance is not working properly and you smack it a few times to make it work, it’s called percussive maintenance. If that thing was sentient, I’m sure it wouldn’t enjoy the pain of what you’re doing. I see my write-ups as percussive maintenance on your brain. You won’t like it but it will make your brain work better. You need to start thinking and now is the time. Remember that the truth will set you free but it will first annoy you. That you’re cursing me is a positive sign for me. It means my work is yielding the desired results.

Instead of cursing me, you should be very angry right now. Instead of cursing me, you should join me in criticizing these rogues using God, the most popular name on earth, to rob you. We should criticize your pastors together. We should join hands together and chase these people out of business. If there’s anything you should be doing right now, it is for you to criticize your pastors. Nigeria can’t cope with more of these people. The politicians are doing theirs and the pastorpreneurs are doing theirs and you’re here cursing me? One day, you shall receive abundant sense.

Let me inform you that unfortunately, I won’t stop talking about this thing till I see a change in this country. You can call me names, curse me, and threaten me. It won’t work. Since the day you’ve been cursing Nigerian politicians, what has happened to them? Curses don’t do anything to people. It only releases the pressure in your own life and make you feel a false sense of retribution. Till I see a nation of right-thinking people who have been set free from unnecessary fear and sheepish following of pastors, I won’t keep quiet. Of course, for you guys to stop following your jet-riding pastors like mumus, the economy of the country has to improve. Then the quality of the education has to improve. However if you don’t stop behaving like magas, this country might not improve economically and otherwise. You see the vicious cycle now? That’s why people like us won’t stop saying the truth. Remember once again: the truth will set you free but it will first annoy you.

Thanks for your time.

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