[VIDEO] Oyedepo’s Daughter Performs Live Miracle In Her Room

This is why I’ve been attacking the belief in miracles. In a previous article, I discussed eight questions to ask when someone tells you about a miracle (click here to read it). It’s because miracle claims are made to deceive. The following is an example. Oyedepo’s daughter has followed in her father’s footsteps.

Let me tell something that’s trending right now. It’s the video below. The daughter of David Oyedepo, fondly called ‘Papa’ by his followers is trending. The young beautiful lady in this video is the daughter of the richest pastor in the world and the owner of the Living Faith Church (aka Winners’ Chapel International). His father has four jets and a business empire that is flourishing on the gullibility of millions of poor Nigerians. In this video, she simply showcases one of the tricks her father has been using on Nigerians.

Here she sets the camera on because she knows the miracle will surely happen. And then, she keeps relaxing and contracting her arm muscles to make it longer or shorter. I’m sure she herself was seriously amused at the joke. That’s why she keeps laughing throughout the video. She was laughing at our stupidity, wasn’t she? But once again, she has simply demonstrated what she has seen her father rehearse in the house. If you read any so-called healing book or watch any so-called healing tape by her father, you’ve been duped badly.

The beautiful thing here is that this very affluent lady, born with a silver golden spoon in her mouth, the crush of so many guys already, sits in the comfort of her palatial crib to do this video. She can afford to receive care at the best hospitals in the world for any minor illness. The most ugly, aggravating thing, is that poor Nigerians who can’t afford to even take themselves to the nearest local dispensary for an advanced cancer will believe this video and give their meagre earnings to her dad in search of a supposed healing. And the cycle goes on — the rich keep getting richer as the poor keep getting poorer while the smart keep getting smarter as the stupid keep getting stupider. That makes me want to puke!

Watch the video below.

Her father actually needs some height and some more hairs on his head! Can she make her father a little taller (instant distraction osteogenesis) using this same miraculous power? Can she make some more hairs appear on her father’s head using this Jesus trick too? If you’re planning to spend so much money to do a breast, butt, or penile enlargement, don’t bother. David Oyedepo’s daughter has been endowed with the power to elongate body parts in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah! I actually want my nose to be a little longer so I can look like an oyinbo man Michael Jackson. Can she help me? Can she make a university student’s CGPA bigger? Oh no! She needs to make her own IQ longer first of all! When her mum was with the doctors in South Africa, where was she with her elongating power?

Oh ma gawd! My bank account is growing bigger right now! Can you see it? Someone move the camera closer and zoom in on this pleeeeaaazzeeee! It’s moving up from $200 to $500, $1,000, $2,000 and to $45,000. This is so real! For you to be convinced, it’s even coming down again to $1,000, $500, $200. And now it’s going back up again. Hallelujah! Can you see it?

Hehehehehe…madness! I feel terribly insulted everytime I playback this video. And I’m blaming it on you. Because you gullibly believe these pastor-fraudsters is the reason why they could be doing this to me!

Well, I learnt she tried to pull the video down but the Internet never forgets. We now have copies. The copy you’re watching here is on my YouTube channel. She can’t delete it, can she? This is what I say about the advent of the Internet in Nigeria. It provides the opportunity to expose your bullsh*t to the whole world so that it can be straightened. No wonder in every country, stupidity keeps reducing as Internet penetration increases. I’m happy some Nigerians are waking up already. While others kept hailing the god in the babe’s life, others kept criticizing the video harshly. They later figured it was bad press and then pulled the video down. But once again, it was too late.

Pastor Dele Osunmakinde, a graduate of University of Ibadan, sometime ago started a church called TBC. The Abuja branch of the church was pastored by Daniel who is another UI graduate. They had been close associates since campus days. I knew both of them and I even knew Daniel closer because we were both medical students together in UCH, Ibadan. Yes. Daniel is a qualified medical doctor but he does miracles too. As I was writing this article, I rememebered him doing this limb-elongation trick too. The video was in 2013 and I had to frantically search for it in my archive. Thankfully, I found it and I’ve uploaded it for your viewing pleasure. Watch it below.

This limb-elongation trick is as old as it gets. Faith preachers have been performing it since the early 50’s and because all faith preachers are let in on the same tricks, it stays alive. However you can’t but wonder about the human nature, how this cheap trick keeps successfully tooling people into blank sheepishness!

It’s annoying. Really, really, annoying. They’re still yet to make an amputated limb grow back to normal shape, length, and size. They’re still yet to visit a proper hospital, storm a surgical ward, and make swellings disappear. They’re still yet to silence Boko Haram with the power of their holy spirit. All they’re doing is cheap tricks in the comfort of their living rooms, auditoriums, camps, and healing schools. I’m looking forward to the day these charlatans will be made to face the full wrath of the law.

And talking about wrath, let me end this article now before the wrath of Oyedepo’s god descends on me and I’m struck with mouth odour! If you don’t understand the joke in this last statement, it’s because you’ve been living under a rock.

See ya’ later! I’m outta here!

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