Miracle: I Drove from Ibadan to Kaduna on an Empty Fuel Tank

This is a true life story. Three days ago, I, Peter Keyz, was about to travel to Kaduna from Ibadan. I started the car and I saw that the fuel had finished. I actually wanted to buy fuel but I was broke. So I prayed to God and God told me not to worry. My Father said I should just keep driving the car in faith. And I continued. Sometimes on the road, I was tempted to drive into a filling station, beg the attendants to pity me and just give me fuel, but the holy spirit constrained me not to do that. I kept going on the empty fuel tank.

On the road, I kept checking my dashboard. The fuel gauge neither went up or down. It remained where it was but the car never stopped till I got to Kaduna. On getting to Kaduna, I met the friend I was going to visit. He took me to a filling station and bought fuel, full tank, for me. But the miracle of driving from Ibadan to Kaduna on an empty fuel tank is something I can never forget.

This was my car as at the time I was departing Ibadan. And it remained the same when I got to Kaduna. I had miraculously driven on an empty fuel tank!

This was my car as at the time I was departing Ibadan. And it remained the same when I got to Kaduna. I miraculously drove on an empty fuel tank!

This is how God works. Sometimes when all hope is gone and you’re asking if you will make it through, God’s mercy just speaks on your behalf at that point in time. You may not be able to drive on an empty fuel tank like Peter Keyz. You may have to keep spending your difficult-to-earn money to buy fuel at ₦145/litre. It’s because your own level of spiritual growth is not up to mine yet. These are the kinds of miracles God only performs in the lives of those who are his special servants and those whose level of faith has matured. However you just get the moral of this story: when your faith is very strong, you can even do anything. Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

Some of you may be doubting my story but haven’t you heard that God did something similar in the life of one of my senior colleagues in the ministry? Yes. I’m talking about our father in the Lord, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. He also experienced something similar in 2013. While I drove from Ibadan to Kaduna, he drove from Benin to Lagos on an empty fuel tank too. Click here to read the full story. He gave the testimony in the presence of thousands of Nigerians (and millions if you count those who watched on TV and the Internet) and everybody screamed a resounding Alleluia in celebration of the miracle. So I know that if people didn’t doubt Daddy G. O.’s testimony, they shouldn’t doubt Peter Keyz’s testimony too. Alleluia!

And the Bible says, ‘In the mouth of two or three witnesses, the truth shall be established.’ It happened in the life of Daddy G. O. and some people asked, ‘Is it possible to drive on an empty fuel tank?’ And they doubted. But on July 25, 2016, God has done it again in the life of Peter Keyz. It’s because God wants you to know that if he did it then, he can do it again. You can even watch out for more of such testimonies in the annual convention coming up in the next few days.

The more we have these kinds of miracles, the more technologically advanced we will become as a nation. In fact, if we can get as many more Nigerians to believe these kinds of story, more citizens will be able to drive their own cars around on an empty fuel tank and we will begin to close down filling stations. Nigeria will no longer need to spend large sums of money repairing the refineries or importing fuel into the country.

Our engineers should please take note that we can even invent our own car technology. A car that runs on an empty fuel tank is a beautiful thing. You know? It’s not just a car that runs on an empty fuel tank but one that doesn’t use any energy. So no fossil fuel for cars. No electrical cars. No hybrid cars. Just faith cars. You know? A car that runs on faith.

And our economy will become the most developed in the world. Nigeria will move from an import-depedent economy to an exporting nation. We’ll change from a nation that imports everything including toothpicks to one that exports cars to the nations — faith cars that don’t run on any earthly energy but on spiritual fuel.

Unfortunately, we will never achieve this technological milestone if we will still have doubting Thomases. All those atheists and freethinkers need to repent or be chased out of this country. Muslims who don’t think Jesus can do this kind of miracles also need to repent quickly. All those who won’t believe my story and that of my senior colleague (Daddy G. O.) are the reasons why God may not do what he wants to do for Nigeria. Every single person that feels he’s too smart to believe some things and thinks believing miracles is for dunces should be converted right now.

Yes. Are you ready to drive your car on an empty fuel tank too? You can only if you believe!

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