Life is Unfair and We Aren’t Making It Better

Life is generally unfair.

There are people who live under ₦200 per day. When you see them in the hospital, tears would almost roll down your face. They can’t afford ordinary ₦100 for drugs. And there is nobody to help them financially. Many times, we doctors and nurses in the unit levy ourselves to help them out.

And these are the ones you see. The “iceberg effect” says whatever the number of patients we see in the hospital for any particulr illness is only a tiny fraction of the total number of people suffering from the same disease but won’t even bother to present in the hospital. Many people refuse to come becaue they know they can’t aford it.

Yet a single person fell ill and the federal government decided to spend millions of dollars for his treatment. He was flown abroad in an air ambulance to one of the most expensive hospitals in the world and this was done on the bill of taxpayers, some of whom fall into the above category. Let me say it again. The taxes and joint resources of folks who can’t aford ₦100 for drugs at a Nigerian hospital were used to sponsor a multimillion-dollar treatment of one man that could actually afford to treat himself. We abadon those people who can’t take care of themselves and then use their resources to take care of the people who can ordinarily take care of themselves.

Then the person died and we still went ahead to spend ₦1 billion of these same poor people’s joint resources on his burial. All these expenses on a single individual could actually successfully take care of the health needs of thousands of people.

Leave the government alone. What about you?

There’s a Facebook celebrity who is raising funds right now. He can be treated in Nigeria but he said he doesn’t trust the Nigerian health system and because he would want to be treated abroad, Nigerians should support him. Trust me. Nigerians are already donating heavily, the money coming from the same people who can’t drop ₦10 for a begger on the street. Again, we are supporting folks who can acutally sort themselves out at the expense of those who can’t. Folks would rather contribute money to buy a car for an already rich pastor or sheikh than give to those who are really really needy.

I’m neither beefing anyone nor asking us to beef someone. And whether all this is evil or not, I can’t say. Whether I myself have done any better or not, I don’t know. But here’s what I know: the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening at the rate of cosmic expansion and we are accelerating it when we should be decelerating it. Life is unfair and we human beings are contributing to the unfairness.

We should always keep this in mind.

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