How To Know Girls From Their Phone Behavior

There are different kinds of girls in this world. And for those who want to pick intimate friends and lovers from among these girls, they need to know how to identify who a girl is truly. And the beauty of it is you will always get the kind of girl you want. Only if you can study her very well. Empty, shallow girls with nothing tangible to offer are not different to know from the real deal. There are girls who have plans of being something of their own while some others just think that being a female is all they need to make it in life. Their phone behavior usually gives them away pretty easily.

The phone gallery is the first place to know her phone behavior. When you go through her gallery and all you see is her selfies, you know you’re in a serious trouble. She has 267 pictures and 220 of them are selfies, then you know she most likely doesn’t have a future ambition. No pictures of other people, objects, and places. Just selfies! And the selfies are in different patterns: naked, half-naked, with different types of make-up, in the shower, on the bed, in the market. Just selfies. Nothing else. That’s a scary phone behavior! Of course, appreciating one’s beauty is good but when it goes overboard, it becomes narcissistic at best and asinine at worst. Brother, any girl that spends half her time taking selfies is not good for you. Run! Her plan for herself is just to end up in a man’s house and nothing more. Don’t be that man in whose house she’s planning to end, please! Don’t incure a lifetime liability!

Phone behavior can say a lot about who a girl truly is.

Phone behavior can say a lot about who a girl truly is.

Next crazy phone behavior is excessive social media activity. She’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. She has a BBM account, Whatsapp, and Viber. Could she be suffering from some psychological problems? Further scrolling through her apps drawer reveals a few dating apps and different photography apps like Picmix, Camera 360, Aviary, and co. That’s all the apps she has. No news apps. No knowledge apps. No academic apps. No productivity apps like diaries and notes. She has Opera Mini that she rarely opens. And she’s a 300L university student. Does she want to spend her life as a wakapass actress?

The worst phone behavior coming from these girls is how they text. You can know if a girl is an empty skull with no substance just by the text messages she sends to you.

A friend of mine who goes by the name Hassino Kelvin Saliu wrote this on his Facebook page and I perfectly agree with him.

When you are dating an educated and civilized woman who has class and ambition, you get texts such as these:

Morning dear! Hope you had a wonderful night. How are you today? Wake up and get ready for work. Don’t forget to send your application for the job I told you about yesterday.


Yes Darling, I miss you so much. I hope you’re enjoying your day. I am heading out for lunch. Talk later. Take care of yourself. Love you!


Yes dear! I am at the shop doing grocery for the house. Next time I am coming with you.


Dont put yourself under pressure my love. I know you will achieve your goal, you have my full support.

But those ones with just a birth certificate (and their birth canals as their only assets) go thus:

Morning babe, send me some airtime, plz bae


Hello sweet babe, I am coming over for some pizza over lunch? And someone is selling nice perfumes can I take one plz. Luv u xoxoxo much.


Hey handsome, buy me data plz. Also wanted to tell you my neighbor is selling skinny jeans, nice shoes from USA and brazilian hair. You will let me know when you are ready to get me these. Loving u lots.


Me and my friends want to go to Cafe Cosmos for drinks, I need some money.


baby I don’t feel like reading, can we chat pliiiizz.

To even spell properly is a problem.

Ladies, if you’re reading this, I want you to pause and think for a minute. Do you have a purpose for your life? What do you plan to make of your life? Any ambitions? Do you want a man that will be proud of you or the one that will just take you as his sex machine (just a bed partner or baby mama) and nothing more? If you don’t have any life goals and you think all you need to do to make it in life is to be a sexy pretty little thing, I’m sorry for you. The spirit of feminism says you should change your ways today!

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