Why I’ve Never Paid Tithe My Whole Life (Special Dedication to Those Who are Like Me)

If you’re a Christian and you’ve never paid tithe in your life, can I see your hand up? This article is a special dedication to you. Let me announce to you that we are in the same boat. Daddy Freeze is putting our big pastors under pressure concerning tithe and it made me remember why I myself have never paid tithe for once.

Even when I was a devil-chasing, tongue-twisting (tongue-speaking) child of God, I never paid tithe for once. No. Not once. Perhaps my parents paid it on my behalf and I didn’t know (as an infant or even as an adult) but since I grew up to be aware of myself, I have never paid tithe.

And you know what? I didn’t tell anyone and nobody noticed. They never noticed because devourers never showed up in my life. Or more like nothing has particularly happened in my life that has never happened to anybody else. Trust me. You can’t reliably tell those who pay tithe apart from those who don’t pay it. Give it a try and see how impossible it is. If you want to use devourers as the yardstick, then you will fail. Sickness is the most commonly mentioned devourer and unfortunately, most sick people that I know are tithe payers.

There might be many other explanations: “Their faith is not strong enough”, “It’s due to their sin”, “God is using the sickness as a stepping stone to greater things”, “The sickness is a trial of their faith”, “They would’ve been sicker or even dead if not for the tithe”, etc. You know all the consolatory explanations believers throw up when the data doesn’t fit their theory but the fact remains that tithe payers don’t suffer sickness and any other devourer any less than those who don’t pay tithe. So what’s the whole point of paying tithe?

My main reason for not paying tithe was that I considered 10% too much to drop in church. Secondly, I wasn’t sure if God was so particular about the figure “10”. Not 9.56%. Not 7.82%. Not even 9.99%. But 10.00%. Why would he prefer 10.00% and not any other value?

Tithe is defined as 10% of one's income.

Tithe is defined as 10% of one’s income.

Thirdly, I discovered that God wouldn’t love to fix a particular percentage and as the maths won’t always be straightforward. Let’s pick the 10% for instance. So if my income was ₦25,345.67, then I thought my tithe would be ₦2,534.567. You could bring ₦2,500. You could try to look for change and add ₦30. But where will you get the ₦4 change? And then the 56.7 kobo? Where will you get the change from?

I discovered that some people would just pay ₦2,500. I was convinced they were already robbing God as ₦2,500 is 9.864% of your income. God wanted 10%. You’re not paying it. You’re robbing God already even though in your mind, you think you’re already paying tithe. So I discovered that it could be better to not pay it at all.

Some people would just round it off to ₦3,000. Why? Because they would rather overpay than underpay. But why? If God wants exactly 10%, why shouldn’t he just supply the ₦465.433 change for anyone who pays ₦3,000? After all, if you pay a bus conductor or buy something at a shop, you always get your change, don’t you? No, God wouldn’t supply the change. So if we go by these people’s style, then tithe is actually not 10% but a minimum of 10%. But that’s not what it’s meant to be, is it?

I also wasn’t comfortable with an idea that makes God look like a regular corrupt Nigerian politician who expects a 10% commission after offering a government contract to a regular corrupt Nigerian contractor. Does tithe mean God loves his 10% commission and wouldn’t joke with it?

Sometime in my life when I would’ve started paying it actually, I discovered that according to Leviticus 31:27, I would need to pay all the tithe that I had ever owed and then add one-fifths of it all. That’s complex maths and I wondered why God would be that finicky. And by the way, I couldn’t even afford repaying a fraction of all the tithes I had ever owed. And because I would still be owing arrears even if I chose to start paying henceforth, I discovered that there was no need. I didn’t bother.

Then I began to ask myself if I should even bother starting when up till that point in time, I hadn’t noticed anything negative in my life that was due to my not having paid it thus far. So I decided to not bother any longer. And many years after then till today, I still haven’t noticed any evil due to my not paying tithes.

Depending on the gathering you find yourself, it can even get crazier. I once attended a church where the pastor preached that if you take a loan for a business or anything else, you should pay a tithe of that loan too. In other words, you shouldn’t just wait till you make profits before tithing; you should pay a tithe of your liability too. LOL!

Let me end by narrating a brief story.

There were 2 brothers in a church I once attended. Brother Matthew was paying his tithe regularly while brother David wasn’t (not their real names). Meanwhile the pastor thought it was David who was paying and it was Matthew who wasn’t. In the same week when David got promoted at work, Matthew was admitted in the hospital for a sudden illness. In a forum, while trying to show the importance of paying tithe, the pastor told the gathering that Matthew fell ill because he wasn’t paying his tithe but David got promoted because he was paying tithe.

I laughed very hard and walked away. I knew both brothers and I knew who between them was paying tithe and who wasn’t. The pastor goofed. Everybody else who believed him goofed too. That’s the proof that there’s actually no telling difference between those who pay tithe and those who don’t. Think about this for a minute: the richest, most successful people, in the world don’t pay tithe. Tithe is only emphasised for weak-minded poor people by their pastors.

If you have never paid tithe, I congratulate you for having taken the right decision thus far. Don’t be afraid. Nothing evil will happen to you. It’s all a myth! Just like most things in religion, tithe is another human invention.

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