Gender Equality: Do Women Really Want to Be Equal With Men?

The moment this is mentioned, small minds begin to feel uneasy on their seats, closed minds start searching everywhere for a strong defense to put up. Even Lucifer begins to act all religious and condemn that women dared to speak of it. Some refer to it as anti-God. Others feel it is against the African beliefs. They look at those who want it as feminist. But not just feminist this time: the ones who want to rub shoulders with men and make their husbands wash their underwears because they do his also. But what exactly are we driving at when the issue of gender equality comes up?

Women's desire for gender equality is grossly misunderstood.

Women’s desire for gender equality is grossly misunderstood by those with archaic mentality.

I would like to state a fact that will never be changed. Men and women will never be equal beings. It is totally impossible. Men will always be men and women will be women (except you would love to be another scientific project like Bruce…oops.) When we say we want equality for women, we are saying the same privileges awarded to men should be awarded to women and not withdrawn because they are women. We are saying women should be taken seriously. We are saying women should have equal “rights” as men.

The gender equality opportunity bill was flung out of the Nigerian senate like a wiper used to clean shit from a baby’s anus. Why? Ignorance if you ask me (the same ignorance that has been biting the neck of Nigeria and sucking her blood no matter how much blood transfusions she gets). As far as their little minds were concerned, there was no need for that. And until that day ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t know that the Nigerian senators were fanatically religious. Everyone started quoting the Bible, the Quran, speaking in tongues and casting out the demons that have put it in the mind of Nigerians. The gods of the western world have touched the Nigerian women with their rod of reasoning and our women must undergo cleansing for allowing such corrupt thoughts to enter into the minds. Chauvinistic animals I would say but what about the women who supported the kicking out of the bill? Typical African women; makes me even wonder how they found their way there.

Nigeria is a patriarchal society. So patriarchal it is that even the women tend to have the essence of men in them. I remember getting into an argument with a lady online about gender equality and she said it was a sin that I even thought to be equal with men. She told me how superior they were to us and how even the bible says the men are the head of the home. Now that is what we call “Grade A” stupidity. In fact, let us speak from the biblical point of view.

The Bible called us all equal (read your Bible, I do not remember where it is) and placed the man as the head of the home. The home consists of father, mother and children. Not every man that passes by or stops to visit. Your husband’s brother is not the head of your home neither is your first son. If the head of the home dies, take over the home. Stop giving undue privileges to your sons or husband’s brothers. They are the heads of their own homes.

If you want to talk about customs and African traditions, let me remind you that once upon a time, killing of twins was legal because of traditions. But it no longer suited us. So we abolished it. The laws were made for man. Man made them and man can change them at will. Change is constant and we are not tied to a way of doing things. Change signifies growth and to not grow is unnatural. The world is evolving and we must evolve with it.

Ask yourself. How many times has a woman died and her husband is put through unthinkable ill treatments for having a hand in her death or even accused? Now ask yourself again. How many times has a woman not been accused of having a hand in the death of her husband? Is it only women who love to kill people? How many times do you hear a man was abused by his wife (Freeze from Cool FM is an exception)? But how frequently do the media carry news on abused women? Yeah. Every now and then. Of course, women too abuse men but it’s not as frequent as men abusing women.

The point is the next time you hear about gender equality, do not see it as women trying to rub shoulders with men (we are way above that) because that is not what it is. Gender equality is our way of saying if men vote, we deserve to vote too. If men own landed properties, we deserve to own them too. If men can be governors, we deserve to be governors too. If men can lead an army to battle, who said we cannot also? If men can decide the fate of their children, we are an equal half of the children and we must be given the right to make a decision also. We are saying women’s lives matter just as much as their male counterparts. We refuse to be subject to any form of ill treatment, prejudice and stereotyping because we are women. We want to be heard and not just seen. And we are the most untapped reservoir of human resources and ideas in the world (and we are not even bragging).

We own up to our vulnerabilities. After all, there is strength in weakness. But we are strong and we stand for the right to not be trampled upon for being women (that is actually something we had no choice on). We are saying apart from the kitchen, the home and the bedroom, the African woman can be the answer to the African mental curse also. The struggle is for equal rights.

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