Death While Returning From Redemption Camp: 5 Lessons to be Learnt

Friday 07/07/17 was holy ghost service at the Redemption Camp which finished in the early hours of yesterday. After the programme, a church member who was a danfo driver started driving back home but on his way, he picked some other fellow church members who were stranded around the camp. He and his 2 children were joined by 5 other RCCG members. They were 8 altogether.

On getting to Ojota, a trailer fell on their bus and it was tragic. The man, his 2 children, and 2 of those that asked for a lift died instantly and their bodies have been deposited at the mortuary. Three other people escaped injured. The state emergency service, LASEMA, was contacted by the church who confirmed the tragedy.

*end of story*

My sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and even the church. I hope they all develop the strength to bear these losses. I don’t intend to make a joke out of this very sad incident but as always, I’m hoping we all can learn some lessons once again. 5 lessons in all.

Lesson 1

I can’t remember what the theme of this last holy ghost service was but I heard the advert on radio. It was promised that those who would attend would receive abundant blessings that included divine protection (aka ‘Angels on guard’). These dead people just left the presence of the most high where they received this divine protection. I don’t think the interval was too long for the blessing to have worn out. What happened?

Once again, there’s nothing like divine protection. We can only bank on human protection. The countries with lower rates of deaths didn’t pray. They worked for it. They abandoned divine protection and worked hard on human protection. And this is why I don’t respond to prayers when my bus is about to move. If people who Pastor Adeboye had just prayed for died, your own prayer can’t save my bus.

Lesson 2

Those of you who claim to have missed a bus at the park because you claim that the holy ghost must have warned you, you can learn from this. There are 3 groups of people here.

Group 1: Those people who narrowly missed that man’s bus will now be thanking the holy ghost for keeping them alive. To them, God is a Good God. They will do thanksgiving in church for being alive.

Group 2: Those 3 people who were inside the bus but only got injured will now understand that the devil had an evil plan for their lives, a plan that the God of Adeboye destroyed. Jehovah Nissi, the Man of War fought and won the battle for them. Once they’re fine, they too will do thanksgiving in church.

Group 3: The friends and families of those that died will now understand that God works in mysterious ways and he can’t be questioned. The poor woman whose husband and 2 children died is in this group. Unlike groups 1 and 2 who are sure of how God works, this group 3 are uncertain of how God works. To them, God is the Mysterious Worker.

In other words, God is a Good God, the mighty Man of War, and the Mysterious Worker all at the same time all in the same incident. So which one is correct? It depends on where you belong. Now picture putting these 3 groups of people together inside the same church auditorium — group 1 praising the good God, group 2 worshipping the mighty man of valour, and group 3 uncertain of how God works and wondering about the mysteriousness of this same God. You think there won’t be chaos? That’s how you sound when you go to church to give testimonies of how you’re the only one that survived the car crash, you’re the only one that passed the interview, etc. Christianity sometimes makes you celebrate other people’s mishaps.

Lesson 3

When the accident happened, a call was made to LASEMA, an agency headed by one Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu, a Muslim. A Muslim. An unbeliever to come and rescue believers. They didn’t call Pastor Adeboye to come and sort things out. Those of you who will call your pastor instead of the doctor when you’re sick, you see yourselves now?

Since it’s LASEMA we will call when something really bad happens, why not give to LASEMA all the money we give to our pastors?

Lesson 4

If a member of a business organization dies, their name will appear in the news bulletin of such an organization. If it doesn’t appear, everybody will call such an organization heartless. But these 5 people and even many more who have similarly died while returning from the church program will never be remembered by the church. The church officials have confirmed the deaths. So they’re aware but they won’t celebrate them. The next program will proceed with the same intensity of joyous singing and clapping as if nobody has died. Stories of those who got miracle jobs, children, elevation, etc after their father in the lord prayed at the last holy ghost service will be advertised in the church bulletin while the stories of those who died after the same father in lord prayed will be omitted.

The church is like a fraudulent business that only advertises the good sides of their products and keeps silent about the bad sides. Or like a football striker whose number of goals is publicized while the number of misses really doesn’t matter. The aim is to attract more customers: publishing stories of deaths isn’t good for God’s name or church business. Meanwhile the same people that will demonize an organization that omits the stories of their members’ deaths won’t demonize the church for doing exactly the same thing.

Lesson 5

Those of you who think these pastors can wake up dead people, isn’t this another golden opportunity to prove it? The corpses of 5 church members who are just retuning from his program have just been deposited at the mortuary. Pastor Adeboye could visit the mortuary and pray for the corpses to resurrect. Don’t bother. He won’t attempt it because he knows that nobody will rise up if he does. But you keep disturbing my whatsapp with testimonies of dead people rising miraculously. There’s nothing like that. You’ve believed a lie for too long in your life. Grow up and get real with your life, ok?

*end of lessons*

Before you tell me that God works in mysterious ways and can’t be questioned, think very well about these things. WE NEED TO START THINKING OF WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OURSELVES RATHER THAN WHAT A GOD OR A PASTOR CAN DO FOR US.

P. S.

1. This article was originally a post on my Facebook account on Sunday July 9th, 2017. I have reproduced it verbatim.

2. The account of the accident used in this article is as reported in Punch Newspaper.

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